nike is on to something

Hey everyone. Long time no see. The reason why? I’m blaming winter.

I really don’t ever remember experiencing this level of not-wanting-to-do-a-thing during winter. I would blame it on the fact that my house has no central heat or insulation, so we have to rely on space heaters to keep warm, but this February will be our second year in this house…I think I was somewhat productive this time last year?

Anyway…I’ve recently made an enormous shift in my mindset and conscious morning ritual, which has already directly impacted the rest of my life. If you missed the post, go check it out on Instagram. I wrote way too much in the caption and it doesn’t really have to do with the photo, but I don’t really give a care. I want to try to keep this post short and concise because I tend to over explain and get lost in tangents. I think that’s a side effect of being an over-analyzer, but I thoroughly enjoy getting lost in the tangents. So I have to try…to not.

Anyway again…can anyone diagnose my laptop keyboard? Some keys stick and don’t type and stuff and it’s incredibly difficult to—ok no. Back to blog.

Nike: they’re on to something. Not something about their enormous shoe success or superabundance in clothing sales, but about their slogan. Just do it. Just do it.

Here’s what I want to say about it:

It’s straight to the point, means what it says, and you know exactly what to do. But when you’re like me when you get an idea, as many of you are, you have to plan it out. Logic says map it out, research it, create a game plan, read all the things you can read. **side note: another way ‘just do it’ helps- I decided to just write this blog post and so many other ideas are popping into my head and I need to write them right after!** My personal example is this: I want to start making my own hair product to sell. This certainly isn’t the first business idea I’ve been serious about. But it is the first one that I think could be actually very viable to start, requiring less start-up capital than it’s slumbering cousins (sorry “Shelfy,” maybe in 2019). But naturally, I go to Google for a kick off. Google is literally my best friend. I Google literally everything. Google is good. But sometimes,

Google will kill your idea.

Everyone on the internet, even the helpful ones, will have something to say or some “you haftas” about the business you want to start, or whatever it is you want to do. Ever heard of “take it with a grain of salt?” Well, I would like to propose: research with a salt shaker. I read so many freaking forums. All of that info got into my brain and my brain said, “nah, India. It’s cold in this house and this sounds challenging, so lets just wait on it.” It intimidated me, sure. And my brain didn’t tell me when we’d stop waiting, which is likely never, right?

This brings me back ‘round to my point. You guessed it. If there’s something you want to do, or make, or write, or anything, just do it! And if it requires some research, research with a salt shaker! And for the love of god, if you can help me clean my keyboard without breaking it/taking it into Apple ($$$), please let me know!!!

Happy Holidays everyone who got this far :-)



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